At Chermack Consulting Group, we recognize that while projects may differ vastly, the level of service should not.  CCG’s unique approach to management ensures consistent results.  Here’s how we do it:

Understanding & Fulfilling our clients’ objectives

First, we listen…then we ask lots of questions – we’ll strive to fully comprehend your needs before we begin.  After this thorough due-diligence, we’ll structure our services to your specific needs.

Clear, concise and direct communication

We won’t tell you what you want to hear.   Throughout the duration of your project, we’ll make sure you receive timely information to make informed decisions.  We’ll educate you on your options, describe the pros and cons of each, and offer our professional recommendations when appropriate.

Team Approach & Collaborative Problem Solving

CCG recognizes that each team member – from Architect or Contractor to Utility Designer or Municipal Reviewer – offers specific value to the team.  We pride ourselves in gaining the respect and support of each Project Team member, while reminding each that of our common goal – successfully completing YOUR project.

Accountability & Measurable Results

After the Project Team is formed, CCG will help you define project-specific tasks for every team member (including YOU), assign specific timelines for these tasks, and then track the performance of each.  In doing so, CCG will ensure that every stakeholder is held accountable for their respective responsibilities, maximizing the results you desire.

Personalized & Experienced Representation

CCG is committed to providing personalized involvement, utilizing principal and senior staff leadership from start to finish on every project.  This will make certain that the defined goals you set early on in the process are not lost in a project “handoff”.


When the above approaches are applied effectively, the success of the project takes care of itself.  In addition, the fees for CCG’s services are often offset by the costly pitfalls we help you avoid.  But, don’t take our word for it; contact us for a list of valued client and vendor references to hear for yourself.